Coffee and (_______) – Home

Coffee and (_______) – Home

Recommended by 58 people · People talk about “dark chocolate ganache”, “chocolate mousse torte” and “chocolate chip cheesecake”

I frequent this coffee shop quite often there’s a secret code it is not such a secret anymore that w

…hen the red umbrella is out she’s open for business which is kind of cool she has a great following somewhat like a Cracker Barrel General Store or a good old fashioned barber shop everyone communicates with each other all the patrons the employees are very Interactive a local gardener comes by with fresh flowers a couple times a week and just drop some off because he can the area that she’s located in is very strong and up and coming she is been on the forefront of a couple of locations and made it evident that she knows what she’s doing how to get a crowd keep a crowd and make some amazing Dish. I rarely eats even though I’m a chef but I have eaten breakfast at Angela for I don’t know how long now she makes a wicked egg strata and she makes this coffee that generates energy that puts that gold and black bunny to shame . you do not need to be a hipster yet just have to be yourself to go to the coffee shop and she’s got some great legs . it’s attached to a pretty cool record store that sells everything from vintage posters in the Grand Ballroom to reel to reel recorders and record players and really well conditioned vinyl he is a ray of sunshine his name is Ray lol get a chance Eastside on the corner of Chalmers and East Jefferson swing on in just do it people its a cozy spot and you’re going to dig it I know I used to be a cool kid now I’m a perfectionist lol PS it is dog friendly and in that camera shy see you at the shop the coffee shop See More

Love this good vibes-good people-tasty treats coffee shop! Angela is wildly talented and has created

… a truly one-of-a-kind, cozy, eclectic space to hang out in and meet old, as well as new, friends. The fact that it’s vegan AND plant-based makes it that much better!!! I don’t know of any other place in town that offers anything like it! See More

This place is great, just popped in for a quick to go cup and talked to the owner for a few. This li

…ttle shop is the perfect place to grab a good cup and some food, read a book, or get some work done in a nice quiet environment!! �� See More


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