Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids: Coffee Filter Penguin Craft

Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids: Coffee Filter Penguin Craft

We live in Georgia. So if we want to experience real winter weather, we usually have to travel pretty far north. Naturally, there was no way we would ever see penguins in their natural habitat.

But we did get to visit the Georgia Aquarium a few years back and when we stopped at the penguin exhibit, we got to see them running around, diving into the water, shooting through the water like rockets, and more. It turns out that penguins are pretty entertaining.

We’ve gotten to make a few animals as part of our coffee filter crafts for kids series. Now that winter is here, we had to add a coffee filter penguin craft to the mix! Read on to see how you can make one with your kids too!

Easy Coffee Filter Penguin Craft for Kids to Make

When you finish making this, add more of our winter-themed coffee filter craft projects! You can make a coffee filter moose craft or a jolly coffee filter snowman too!

Make this easy and cute coffee filter penguin craft with the kids this winter!

To make this coffee filter penguin craft, you’ll need the following: (Affiliate links provided for convenience. For details, see our Disclosure Policy.)

DIY Coffee Filter Penguin Craft

Start by gluing the coffee filter in the center of the construction paper. After that, use a black crayon to draw two indented lines toward the top of the filter. (You’re outlining the white part of the penguin’s face.)

Easy Coffee Filter Penguin Craft

Color the spaces on either side of those lines black.

Making a Coffee Filter Penguin Craft

Like so.

Winter Playdough Mats for Kids

Our penguin is pretty sleepy, so we drew it with eyes closed.

Coffee Filter Penguin Craft for Kids

What long eyelashes you have, penguin! (Actually, it kind of looks like a ninja at the moment.)

Simple Coffee Filter Penguin Craft

Then we used the safety scissors to cut a triangle out of orange construction paper. Then we glued it in the center to form the beak.

Cute Coffee Filter Penguin Craft

Finally, we added a few falling snow flurries in the background.

At this point, you could really be finished. But we wanted to make our penguin into a lady bird.

Easy Coffee Filter Penguin Craft for Kids

So we gave her two blush circles on her cheeks out of pink construction paper. Isn’t she lovely?

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