Coffee Filter Sun Craft – Look! We’re Learning!

Coffee Filter Sun Craft – Look! We’re Learning!

We’re feeling sunny with the latest one of our coffee filter crafts for kids! This time, we made a coffee filter sun craft and – like all the others – it’s super easy!

Now when I say that this craft is super easy, I mean it is literally SUPER EASY. This whole thing took about five minutes, so it’s a perfect activity for young kids when you’re studying spring, summer, the sun, the solar system, day and night, and plenty of other topics!

Easy Coffee Filter Sun Craft

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Make an easy spring or summer project with this coffee filter sun craft that's simple enough for toddlers!

Coffee Filter Crafts for Kids: Coffee Filter Sun Craft

To make this craft, you’ll need the following: (Affiliate links are provided for convenience. For more, see our Disclosure Policy.)

Making a Coffee Filter Sun Craft

Start by simply coloring the coffee filter bright yellow. The actual color we used is called “Dandelion” and it was a nice bright color that seemed better than ordinary yellow.

How to Make a Coffee Filter Sun Craft

Use your glue stick to glue the filter down onto the center of a piece of construction paper. Light blue works well because it resembles the sky.

Easy Coffee Filter Sun Craft for Toddlers

Now, just use a yellow colored pencil to draw “rays” around the sun’s edge. Simple triangles work just fine. We decided to use an orange colored pencil to add a little more color to our sun and rays. To do so, we just sketched a few lines over the whole filter lightly.

Simple Coffee Filter Sun Craft

And we’re done! Just easy peasy from start to finish!

If you’re working with a group of kids such as at a daycare, an afterschool program, or a group party, this coffee filter sun craft is a perfect activity since you don’t need a lot of supplies, you don’t need a lot of time, and the kids don’t need a lot of help!

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