Coffee Makers & Coffee Machines

Coffee Makers & Coffee Machines

Add a Coffee Maker to Your Kitchen for That Perfect Morning Brew

If you’re like most people you start every day with a hot cup of coffee. Then, you probably have at least one more later in the day. When it comes to brewing coffee at home, you’ve got tons of options for finding your perfect cup.

Use this guide to learn more about all of the different coffee machine options you can shop for at Williams Sonoma today.

What Coffee Maker Styles Can I Buy?

French press and pour over coffee pots are popular right now, and while they can turn quality beans into delicious coffee, an automatic coffee pot is still a lot more convenient in the average household. That’s especially true if you’re making more than one or two cups for yourself and your family.

The good news is that there are tons of different high-quality coffee maker options out there today to help you create a great cup of coffee and espresso-based drinks. Here are a few popular options you can find at Williams Sonoma:

  • Automatic drip coffee makers. Designed to make your favorite roast easy to brew, automatic drip coffee makers can prepare a few cups or a dozen cups of coffee in a matter of minutes. Look for a machine that can be programmed using a timer if you like having your coffee ready to drink when you wake up in the morning.
  • Automatic drip coffee makers with thermal carafes. Get the ease of an automatic drip machine with the temperature control of a thermal carafe. Keep your coffee hot for hours without adding acidity by bringing one of these smart machines home.
  • Combination coffee maker and espresso machines. Get the best of both worlds with a machine that’ll brew your favorite drip blend and help you turn out top-notch espresso for a quick pick-me-up, latte or cappuccino. Browse our selection of coffee accessories for must-have extras like milk frothers to put the finishing touch on your espresso drinks.
  • Automatic pour over coffee machines. Love the taste of your classic pour over coffee or Chemex brewer? Look for automatic pour over machines to make pour over brewing just a little bit easier. With automatic drip functions, you can enjoy pour over coffee without waiting around to fill the carafe with hot water every few minutes until you’re coffee’s ready to drink.

Get a coffee maker designed for a few perfect cups or a machine that’ll help you make 12-cups for serving everyone at your next dinner party. However you like your coffee, we’ve got the perfect coffee maker for your kitchen.


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