Coffee Quotes (510 quotes)

Coffee Quotes (510 quotes)

Cassandra Clare

“What do you want?”

“Just coffee. Black – like my soul.”

Cassandra Clare, City of Bones
Cassandra Clare

“As long as there was coffee in the world, how bad could things be?”

Cassandra Clare, City of Ashes
Louisa May Alcott

“I’d rather take coffee than compliments just now.”

Louisa May Alcott, Little Women
Dave Barry

“It is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.”
― Dave Barry

مريد البرغوثي

“والقهوة يجب أن يقدّمها لك شخصٌ ما. القهوةُ كالوَرْد، فالورد يقدّمه لك سِواك، ولا أحدَ يقدّم ورداً لنفسه. وإن أعددتها لنفسك فأنت لحظتها في عزلة حرة بلا عاشق أو عزيز، غريبٌ في مكانك. وإن كان هذا اختياراً فأنت تدفع ثمن حريتك، وإن كان اضطراراً فأنت في حاجةٍ إلى جرس الباب.”

مريد البرغوثي, ولدت هناك .. ولدت هنا
Terry Pratchett

“Coffee is a way of stealing time that should by rights belong to your older self.”

Terry Pratchett, Thud!
Neil Gaiman

“Black as night, sweet as sin.”

Neil Gaiman, Anansi Boys
Charlotte Eriksson

“6 months, 2 weeks, 4 days,

and I still don’t know which month it was then

or what day it is now.

Blurred out lines

from hangovers

to coffee

Another vagabond

lost to love.

4am alone and on my way.

These are my finest moments.

I scrub my skin

to rid me from


and I still don’t know why I cried.

It was just something in the way you took my heart and rearranged my insides and I couldn’t recognise the emptiness you left me with when you were done. Maybe you thought my insides would fit better this way, look better this way, to you and us and all the rest.

But then you must have changed your mind

or made a wrong

because why did you


6 months, 2 weeks, 4 days,

and I still don’t know which month it was then

or what day it is now.

I replace cafés with crowded bars and empty roads with broken bottles

and this town is healing me slowly but still not slow or fast enough because there’s no right way to do this.

There is no right way to do this.

There is no right way to do this.”

Charlotte Eriksson, Another Vagabond Lost To Love: Berlin Stories on Leaving & Arriving
Cherise Sinclair

“No matter what historians claimed, BC really stood for “Before Coffee.”

Cherise Sinclair, Master of the Mountain
Sarah Vowell

“Just the other day, I was in my neighborhood Starbucks, waiting for the post office to open. I was enjoying a chocolatey cafe mocha when it occurred to me that to drink a mocha is to gulp down the entire history of the New World. From the Spanish exportation of Aztec cacao, and the Dutch invention of the chemical process for making cocoa, on down to the capitalist empire of Hershey, PA, and the lifestyle marketing of Seattle’s Starbucks, the modern mocha is a bittersweet concoction of imperialism, genocide, invention, and consumerism served with whipped cream on top.”
― Sarah Vowell

David Lynch

“Even bad coffee is better than no coffee at all.”
― David Lynch

Brian Andreas

“I don’t really like coffee, she said, but I don’t really like it when my head hits my desk when I fall asleep either. ”
― Brian Andreas

Justina Chen

“Adventure in life is good; consistency in coffee even better.”

Justina Chen Headley, North of Beautiful
Gary Snyder

“There are those who love to get dirty and fix things. They drink coffee at dawn, beer after work. And those who stay clean, just appreciate things. At breakfast they have milk and juice at night. There are those who do both, they drink tea.”
― Gary Snyder

Henning Mankell

“Police work wouldn’t be possible without coffee,” Wallander said.

“No work would be possible without coffee.”

They pondered the importance of coffee in silence.”

Henning Mankell, One Step Behind
Malcolm X

“It’s just like when you’ve got some coffee that’s too black, which means it’s too strong. What do you do? You integrate it with cream, you make it weak. But if you pour too much cream in it, you won’t even know you ever had coffee. It used to be hot, it becomes cool. It used to be strong, it becomes weak. It used to wake you up, now it puts you to sleep.”
― Malcolm X

Darynda Jones

“Want coffee?” I asked, as I headed that way.

“It’s three thirty in the morning.”

“Okay. Want coffee?”

Darynda Jones, Third Grave Dead Ahead
Leanna Renee Hieber

“Coffee first. Schemes later.”

Leanna Renee Hieber, Darker Still
Justina Chen

“Come on, don’t you ever stop and smell the coffee?”

Justina Chen Headley, North of Beautiful
Patricia Briggs

“Mercy,” he mumbled. “What the hell did you do to my French Roast?”

Patricia Briggs, Moon Called
Jean Kerr

“Do you know how helpless you feel if you have a full cup of coffee in your hand and you start to sneeze? ”
― Jean Kerr

Barbara Crooker

“I like my coffee black, my beer from Germany, wine from Burgundy, the darker, the better. I like my heroes complicated and brooding, James Dean in oiled leather, leaning on a motorcycle. You know the color. (“Ode to Chocolate”)”

Barbara Crooker, More
Cherise Sinclair

“Coffee and chocolate—the inventor of mocha should be sainted.”

Cherise Sinclair, Hour of the Lion
Marcia Carrington

“A morning coffee is my favorite way of starting the day, settling the nerves so that they don’t later fray.”
― Marcia Carrington

Erich Segal

“What the hell makes you smart?” I asked.

“I wouldn’t go for coffee with you.”

“Listen – I wouldn’t ask you.”

“That,” she replied, “is what makes you stupid.”

Erich Segal, Love Story
Terry Pratchett

“Who shall I shoot? You choose. Now, listen very carefully: where’s your coffee? You’ve got coffee, haven’t you? C’mon, everyone’s got coffee! Spill the beans!”

Terry Pratchett, Monstrous Regiment
Orson Welles

“There are three intolerable things in life – cold coffee, lukewarm champagne, and overexcited women…”
― Orson Welles

James Mackintosh

“The powers of a man’s mind are directly proportioned to the quantity of coffee he drinks.”
― Sir James Mackintosh

H.P. Lovecraft

“I like coffee exceedingly…”
― H.P. Lovecraft


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