Coffee Synonyms, Coffee Antonyms |

Coffee Synonyms, Coffee Antonyms |

Miss Avice won’t be down, sir, and I’m to fetch her up a pot of coffee, sir.

“Another cup of coffee, Mrs. Davis,” he said, passing his cup across the table.

When he had eaten, he sat with his coffee for a final smoke of deliberation.

Hey, Scottie, shake up the fire and put on some coffee, will you?

The pouring of coffee may be done at the table or in the kitchen.

Tell briefly about the preparation of coffee for the market.

Katie brought his coffee to his room, and he drank it standing.

At last he asked K. to mind the door until he got some coffee.

They went into the dining-room, and the dealer called for coffee at once.

Jack Bates looked up from emptying the third spoon of sugar into his coffee.


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