keto – Coffe mate creamer and keto?

Hello all,

I am trying to kick my caramel vanilla coffee mate coffee creamer and I just can’t.

I tried almond milk, silk (the one thats made specifically for coffee), i also tried heavy cream with stevia.

None of them have tasted even close, and not very good IMO.

Does anyone else have any other tricks… Anything?

What about if i were to go out and purchase it daily, is there anything at say Starbucks, or Tim Hortons or Mcdonalds that any of you have tried that is sweet and delicious but low sugar and carbs?

I know im asking a lot here haha – but i want my coffee, and I want it to taste good. Coffee is big on suppressing my appetite, and no, i shouldn’t necessarily be doing that, but i still hit my calorie intake, but it’s extremely hard to stay under my carb allowance when I am drinking this, i also eat three meals a day – its more so to not make me hungry for snacks.

UPDATE: thanks everyone! I tried liquid stevia and it was gross – but have been using torani SF syrup, not as good, but does the trick 🙂


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