Tool Time Tuesday…Sewing With Coffee Filters

Tool Time Tuesday…Sewing With Coffee Filters

I found this coffee related quote, but I don’t know who said it…


“You know when you’ve had too much coffee when

you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running”

space I had a “brewed” awakening one morning when I found a package of coffee filters that I don’t use anymore. What to do? What to make? I couldn’t just throw them away…how about sewing with them! I am so flying by the seat of my pants on this Tool Time Tuesday. I have never made a crazy quilt block or used any type of foundation when quilting, so if there is anything that looks like I need help…please let me know.

space Here we go… first up…the paper coffee filters


One paper coffee filter ironed very flat.


Gather up all your odd shaped scraps or just cut some up like I did. (still have some pieces of my favorite Moda’s like Wuthering Heights…love the browns and reds)


randomly place a piece on the filter right side up.


Take another fabric scrap and place it on top of the first piece, right sides together.

Stitch with 1/4″ seam, sewing through the 2 pieces of fabric and the coffee filter.

Here is a close up of the seam.

Open up the top fabric and press with hot iron.

Here it is pressed open.

Select another piece of fabric and place right side down on the 2 first pieces. Play with the placement, so they aren’t going all in the same direction.

Sew again with 1/4″ seam.

In this close up, you can trim the extra fabric that sticks out beyond the 1/4″ seam to reduce the bulk.

Iron the new piece open.

In this picture you can see that it doesn’t matter that the scraps extend beyond the shape of the circle.

Keep adding scraps right side down on the last sewn fabric. Press each piece open after sewing it down.

When you have completely covered the coffee filter, it will look like this. (I know…it looks like a mess, but you’ll see).

This is a picture of the back.

Trim the excess fabric up to the coffee filter.

Dampen the coffee filter with a spray bottle of water or just soak it in the sink like I did (flying by the seat of my pants…not knowing what I was doing here, but it worked!!) This helps the filter just melt away from the seams. Tears off very easily.

Press again with the iron and there you have it…a perfect “Crazy Coffee Circle”. All you need to do is applique it to a pillow, make several more and blanket stitch them to squares of fabric and make a quilt with all these scrappy circles. You can also cut a square out of it if you wanted to. The size of my filter when it’s ironed flat is 8 inches across.

I started this project after work on Monday night, another late night project as usual. I had no plan of action…just grabbed some fabric and sewed away. I think I’ll pick out more fabric and make a bunch of these. Can’t wait to see what a full quilt of circles sewn to different squares looks like.


These were very easy to make, so I hope you can join me in making these fun circles. I looked up the definition of a “

Coffee Klatch

“. It is a casual social gathering for coffee and conversation.


Maybe I should start a virtual “Crazy Coffee Klatch”. We could all make our own version of the coffee filter circles, while having a nice cup of coffee and then post it on our blogs. Let me know what you think…sounds crazy, but that seems to be the theme of this post. I think I need to go to bed now!!!


Hope you all have a great (crazy) Tuesday,



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