Water Obstacle Course

Water Obstacle Course

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1-#water #obstacle course #kids summer activities-002 Summer means sun, and what better way to cool yourself down than water games? I came up with a fun water obstacle course for my kids to do on one of our hot summer days. I am excited to be one of the camp counselors at Disney Babbles Virtual Summer Camp. This was the summer fun activity I thought readers of Babble might really enjoy. This was not the kind of activity they did once and were done. They wanted to run the full course at least a few times, and then they revisited their favorite parts of the course over and over. Although it was a bit of a set up to make happen, it provided a whole lot of entertainment. I could see this being particularly enjoyable at a party or picnic. Your course would probably look different depending on your yard, hose capability and what you have on hand. However, I hope the idea inspires you to make your own water fun in whatever way makes sense in your world. We didn’t get out the stop watch, but you could definitely make this a competition and a race. You could also have them try to beat their own times.

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1-#water activities #kids #obstacle course-221 The first part of the obstacle course was the water balloon pinatas. I first saw this idea at Scrap Happy Heather, and I thought it was brilliant. This was really fun, but it was more challenging then I thought. I imagined they would explode right away, but instead it took quite a number of hits. I’m wondering if mine were too high. It was fun though. Once they were able to bust open one balloon, they were able to move on to the second phase.

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1-#water activities #kids #obstacle course-224 The second phase of the obstacle course was the “water” slide into the boat that we filled with water. You may have a small pool to put at the bottom of your slide. The slide didn’t go directly into the boat, but the girls had no problem sliding onto the side of the boat and then jumping into the boat. The set up of this part of the obstacle course was up to the girls. They were in charge of taking buckets to fill the boat, and it ended up being their favorite part of the course. We left a few pitchers of water at the top of the slide, and the directions were to dump one bucket down the slide, slide down and then jump into the boat.

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1-#water activities #kids #obstacle course-169 The next step was the slip in slide, which is always a favorite.

1-#water activities #kids #obstacle course-099 A water fill relay was the next portion of the course. There was a larger bucket at one end. They had to scoop up a cup of water and then run down and dump it in the pitcher. They would run back and forth scooping up water and dumping it again. They could move on to the next phase once the pitcher was full.

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1-#water activities #kids #obstacle course-228 The girls also helped me set up the next portion of the obstacle course. I took a large, yard-sized black garbage bag and cut down the sides so I could lay it down flat. I used cake dowels (you could also use sticks) to both hold down the tarp and also to put the holes of the swim noodle onto to make the arches. Then, we poured water onto the garbage bag. This part of the course the girls had to crawl under the pool noodles.

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The sprinkler and hula hoops came next. They had to jump around the circle of hula hoops three times before moving on to the final water activity.

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1-#water activities #kids #obstacle course-140 The final task was to spray coffee filters with water. I took coffee filters and colored a large dot in the middle with an ink pen. I then taped the filters to the tree. You had to squirt all three with the squirter, and you knew you had accomplished the task when the ink spread.

I hope this inspires your own water obstacle course. I’d love to hear about your own ideas for making this happen.

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